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Worldwide Travel-Database 

Air Traveler's Handbook

Offers links to information on courier travel, consolidators and bucket shops, charters, newsgroups, mailing lists, general travel information, background notes, tourist information, destination information, Embassies car rental agencies, hotels, bed and breakfasts, hosteling, home exchanges health, money and currency, weather, foreign languages, packing, insurance, maps travel publishers, publications, periodicals, travel bookstores, travel software student/budget travel, round-the-world, travelogues, aviation, miscellaneous usage statistics, and entry submissions.

Currency Exchange Rates

Presents the exchange rate for 23 currencies. Don’t be taken for an ignorant tourist and robbed blind when touring another country. If you need to know what Indian rupees are worth in Dutch Guilders, this site will not let you down. Exchange rates are updated daily.

The Electronic Embassy

Serves as a source for information that is useful to the staff of embassies in Washington, D.C., as well as for those interested in embassy affairs. Offers links to embassy Web sites, an index of all D.C. embassies, and jumps to federal executive agencies and a list of Washington events.


Provides information about USD exchange rates in Russia, a Russian-English dictionary, advertisements, and more. Offers a keyword search engine. Provides English and Russian versions.

Foreign Language for Travelers

Discusses common words and phrases of just about any language you might be interested in, including German, French, Italian, Russian, Czech, Turkish, Finnish, Danish Esperanto, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Polish, Romanian, Swedish, Norwegian, and Icelandic. Furnishes sound files for each language. Offers links to other sites that feature translation dictionaries and general information. Won a GNN Best of the Net award.

GNN/Koblas Money Converter

Presents a currency converter that is updated weekly for accuracy. Put your calculator to the side and let this site do all the math for you.

Information about Duty Free/Tax Free Shopping

Provides information on duty-free shopping—allowances, origins, and future developments in this popular method of shopping when traveling

Interactive Travel Guide

Provides information for people traveling on a budget. Includes tips on money, documents, protection against theft, travel organizations, making accomodation arrangements, and lists the essentials for any traveler. Also contains links to other travel-related sites.

Travel Guide Health

Provides information on diseases, environmental concerns, and immunizations for travellers. Includes tips on what to pack in your travel medicine kit and concerns for pregnant women who are traveling.

Railroad Timetables

Offers links to railroad timetables for United (Amtrak) and commuter lines; Canada, Europe, Asia, and Oceania. Also provides links to sightseeing tours by rail.

Travel Discounts

A business travel-oriented site providing information about discounts on car rentals, railroads, tours, cruises, airlines, and specific tour packages arranged by region.

Travel Web Sites

Contains U.S. and international travel tips submitted by college students, travelogues, links to travel agency Web sites, U.S. travel Web sites, and International travel Web sites. A good springboard resource for finding travel information on the Web.

United States State Department Travel Warnings and Consular Info Sheets

Provides up-to-date information for international travlers, including warnings, entry requirements, medical requirements, political status, and crime information for travel sites abroad. Also includes the location of the U.S. embassy in each country. Countries are easy to find in an alphabetical index.

Web Travel Review /

Award-winning site including more than 600 pages of text and more than 2,000 photographs from the travelogues of travel writer, Philip Greenspun. Showcases many pictures. Offers more of a personal overview than you’ll get with traditional travel Web sites.

America’s Best

Provides links to the best travel sites of the 50 states. Visit the launch pad to be directed to a random site within the U.S.—a different launch every time. A great resource for travel and historical information about America.

City Net

The first Web site stop any cybertraveler should make. Contains a well organized index of most features of over 2,090 cities and 780 other locations worldwide. Lets you take a virtual tour of Marseille, check the subway schedule for Philadelphia, or find out what types of entertainment are available in Victoria.

GNN Travel Center

GNN furnishes a Web site for feature stories on special travel sites and links to other travel-related Web sites. A wealth of information for the cybertraveler.

The Inn Traveler—International Bed & Breakfast and Country Inn Guide

A grant-funded sites providing information about bed and breakfast inns. Currently covers the United States (arranged alphabetically) and Canada. Includes room descriptions, reservations (forms), newsletters, and audio clips recorded by the innkeepers. Also offers links to other travel-related sites.

The North American Virtual Tourist

An incredible resource for North American travel! One click on the imagemap of North America will lead you to every WWW resource available for the selected state or region. This site is heaven for those looking for an all-encompassing site on the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Make a bookmark and visit frequently! library

A true library of Internet travel resources. Features a searchable database to find the exact topic you’re looking for. Also includes hotel, tour operators, and world-wide rail information.

Round-The-World Travel Guide

Offers links to sites that help you make travel decisions, choose transportation and accommodations, and provide information on money matters, and communications. Covers travel-related newsgroups.

TII—Tourism Info Internet

Award-winning site providing an index to information on flights, rail, hotels, tourist news, newsgroups, and country information around the world. Includes English and German versions.

Travel & Entertainment Network (TEN-IO) Home Page

Fulfill your personal and business travel needs with a searchable database of travel-related information, including a seperate Frequent Flyer information database. Also offers a downloadable demo copy of their Trip Finder for Travelers software.

Travel Information

A searchable index of links to Web sites on domestic and international travel.

Travel Online

Provides information about travel locations, tour packages, accomodations, travel bargins, and many more travel topics. Also lets you make reservations and purchases online.

The Travel Page

A thorough travel planning site for visitors. Make hotel, airline, and cruise reservations online. Provides vacation recommendations ranging from the more popular to the truly unique.

Travel Web Search Page

Lists hotels by city and country. Lets you search for the right type of hotel by location, property type, and lodging chain. Also offers links to the required hotels.


Provides extensive information from visitors bureaus, offers a searchable database to arrange travel accomodations, and offers a map delivery service to alleviate the hassles of getting your geographical plans together.


Includes information on different vacation packages and locations. Also provides links to travel agents and other travel resources to fine tune your vacation plans. Whether you’re looking to scuba dive, white water raft, take a cruise, or simply kick back, this site is your one-stop vacation planner.

Virtual Tourist II

Provides information on various countries, including city information, culture and language, education, maps, news, and so forth. Select the country you’re interested in from the globe imagemap or jump to City.Net for a more precise search. Provides a text-based version for faster access of the information.

The Webfoot's Travel Guides

Serves as a "thinking person's guide" to traveling in Austria, British Virgin Islands, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Vatican City, and the state of Hawaii. Provides links to good overall information about each location, such as general information, city/site information, public transportation, language, museums, historic sites, literature and culture, and tips for tourists.

WL: The World Library From Scescape

Provides a broad listing of travel sites with an emphasis on business travel.

The Yankee Traveler

Provides a compilation of travel-related sources of New England. Includes state Web pages, information on Cape Cod and the Islands, bed and breakfast inns, and map links. Also provides information on real estate, local businesses, and more.



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