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Worldwide Airlines 

Aer Lingus

Includes departures, news, special business programs, and a photo gallery that shows Aer Lingus history.


Includes pictures of aircraft, departure schedules, and a map of Moscow's Sheremetyevo-2 Airport.

Air Canada

The official Web site for Air Canada. Includes a news desk, schedules, a program, and a special section called Netguide, which provides information on Internet and HTML basics. Also provides a French version.

Air Charter Guide

The online edition of The Air Charter Guide, a limited version of the book. Serves as a guide for locating charter operators, arranged by state, name. Also includes tips on planning and pricing a charter

Air Travel Card Control Tower

Provides news and trends in the business travel industry and information on Air Travel Card.

Air UK

Provides information on the airline for travel to Scotland, but no schedule or service information. Offers links to a site that provides information on Scotland.

Airlines of the Web

Provides information about airlines, organized by geographic region. Also provides information about cargo airlines, newsgroups, and airports.

American Airlines

Includes schedules, travel awards program information, special products, and a helpful alphabetical index to access information quickly. Also includes an employment opportunity section.

Canadian Airlines Intl.

An airline that obviously cares about its Web presence. Find out flight schedules from a complete searchable index by destination and departure. Find out about business travel fares and accomodation arrangements made in conjunction with Canadian Airlines

Cathay Pacific

The home page of this airline offers information about service to locations in Asia, such as Hong Kong, Bangkok, and Singapore. Includes rates and special deals. Also includes a link to traveling in Hong Kong.


Provides flight schedules, frequent flyer program information, and special weekend fare information for patrons of Comair—a Delta Connection.

Emirates Airline Page

Emphasizes the variety of services this airline offers. Provides an overview of the several vacation packages available in addition to the core purpose of this site—route, class, and plane information.


Provides background information on Finland and the other locations Finnair services. Includes a section on available tours.

International Airport Codes

Sports an inclusive list of the codes for all United States and world airports, in addition to international airline codes arranged alphabetically by airport code. Learn to decipher airport departure/arrival monitors.

Japan Airlines

Accomodates travelers to Taiwan, Korea, and Japan. Offers Frequent Flyer information as well as virtual tours of Asian countries. Also provides a Japanese language version.

Lauda Air

Promotes an Austrian airline that services Milan, Munich, London, Brussels, and Paris. Includes basic schedule and airline information as well as a historical and financial analysis of the company.

Lufthansa Timetable Info

Focuses on departure information on Lufthansa flights to and from Europe. Furnishes a German version of the page.

Mexicana Airlines

Provides a graphic-intensive airline Web site for Mexico. Includes maps, vacation specials, and online reservations. Also provides links to other travel-related sites.

Mount Cook Airlines

Offers graphics-rich information helpful to those planning to visit New Zealand. Also offers flight schedules, booking arrangements, and exchange rates.

New England Airlines

Offers flights to Block Island, Nantucket, Martha's Vineyard, and Cape Cod. Emphasizes Block Island and provides information on the island itself.

Quantas Airlines

Includes a history of the airline, schedules, rates, and links to related sites on Australia and other airlines. Offers pictures of Koalas, too.

Scenic Airlines

Specializes in airplane tours of the Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, Bryce, and more. Includes current prices. Lets you make reservations online through their domestic and international travel offices. Support for most North American and European languages

Virgin Atlantic Airlines

Provides information about special offers, frequent flyer miles, and more. Lets you plan your flight online from a detailed form. Offers City Guides—travel tips for major North American, Asian, British, Irish, and Greek cities. Also furnishes articles from their magazine, hot air.

Arctic Adventours, Inc.

Advertises Arctic Adventours, a Norwegian company that specializes in creating exciting expeditions and explorations in the Arctic area, including Northern Norway, Jan Mayen, Spitzbergen (Svalbard), Franz Josef's Land, and Northern Russia/Siberia.

Big Island Air

Offers twin engine air tours of Hawaii and some of its most inaccessible areas, including volcano tours. Experience some breathtaking views that even some of the residents don’t get to see. Also offers a reservation service.

Eagle Canyon Airlines

The airline to tour the Grand Canyon. Also offers ground tours. Tour information available in German, French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese.

Helinet Helicopter Tours

Presents an unusual tour of Los Angeles—by helicopter! Provides information on beach tours and a dinner tour in which you land atop a skyscraper. Preview images of what you might see on a helicopter tour.


Focuses primarily on sport-oriented vacation spots. Claims to have a list of all the ski resorts available on the Web. Also offers extensive information on Florida cities and most western states. Conduct a search from imagemaps or a search form.


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